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Buy one Smart Watch Online at Kilimall

Smartwatches are in Vogue in Uganda today, the corporate Class, students and the youth etc, are fond of Smartwaches because they practically go beyond timekeeping, they help to manage notifications, Social etiquette, fitness, customization, answering calls as well as keeping you posted with all kinds of the social media updates when the phone is not close by, all Smartwatches are compatible to Android and IOS. In addition, a smartwatch is a computerized wristwatch that you can connect to another smart device through Bluetooth. Thanks to Kilimall, we bring you the best from the latest to newer different models at affordable prices.

The GU08 Bluetooth Smartwatch

This smartwatch was designed with a tuck closure style that makes it stand out from the many smartwatches . it has exciting functions yet very affordable on kilimall

DM09 Smartwatch

You're looking for a smartwatch that can support SIM card and you need not to connect with your phone via Bluetooth? I would recommend this smartwatch since there will be no distance limited for using this smart watch. It is waterproof and compatible to all Nucleus or IOS 7 and above or Android 4.3 and above smartphone.

X3 Smartwatch

The X3 Smartwatch has an Alloy case, high hardness, rust resistance made of solid machine, comes with a camera, MP3 player, and a humanized design of USB charging that is easy to use ,stylish, safe and charges faster. If you are looking for a smartwatch with a full IPS anti scratch screen,you can find this particular brand on Kilimall.

F69 Smartwatch For Your Sports.

The F69 Smartwatch is the real deal you have been searching for, This watch has a professional IP 68 waterproof, you can shower and swim with this smartwatch and it enables you to see the time since the screen’s light is always on and shows better effect under the sunlight, It comes with 2 kinds of heart rate tracker: Healthy heart rate mode and sport heart rate mode, you can now test your heart rate in different situation, more professional and more accurate. Kilimall bring to you your private management expert.

iDROID Fit Smartwatch

For people who what sleek and tiny watches, the iDROID Fit smart watch would perfectly do wonders for you, This smartwatch will help you serve as your mobile, review and dial a phone call. It has a calendar, Fm radio, Bluetooth and Alarm but has no camera.

U8 Smartwatch

This smartwatch has a stylish design that looks super elegant and expensive yet it’s literally very affordable, it has a built in pedometer that can record your activity all day, every day

All Smartwatches Categories

You can never go wrong when it comes to looking for a smartwatch on Kilimall at reasonable prices, you will find all categories from notifiers, health and medical watches and watch phones right here.

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